NeOse Pro i The first portable and ­universal odor detection device

Product description

Aryballe Technologies provides and develops portable, connected and universal odor sensors that mimic the human olfactory sense. Based on a unique combination of technologies (optics, biochemistry, electronics, IT), our digital nose NeOseTM Pro detects and identifies odors through 67 biosensors inspired by human olfaction. Digitized odors are stored into a reference database, allowing subsequent matching of new odors. Handy and portable, our sensor brings significant value to the food, cosmetics, and automotive industries, giving them access for the first time to digital olfactive fingerprints of their products.
NeOseTM Pro is a universal olfactory sensor able to detect, record and recognize odors.

245 mm x 98 mm x 48 mm
720 grams
6 to 8 hours
Power Consumption
5W (10W while charging)
Time to full charge
12 hours
USB Charger
5V/2A (charging + measure) 5V/1A (charge only)
Operating conditions
0 to 3000 meters
Atmospheric pressure
15 to 35°C
Relative Humidity
80 % or less (at 35°C) with no condensation
Warm-up time
10 to 30 minutes*
Protection Norm
Number of sensors
67 biosensors, evolutive with O-Cell generations
VOC detection system
Chemical affinity detection through optical system
Measurement principle
VOCs detection in gas phases (headspace)
Measured Concentration Range
1 to 1000 ppm
Response Time
10 seconds
Acquisition Frequency
2Hz, up to 10Hz
Average Time between Measurements
5 minutes
Distance from odor source
2 to 5 cm
10 to 100 mL/min
White calibration
Background refering to air
Calibration frequency
Upon warm-up, then periodical on demand
System validation
3 reference samples*
IT requirements
Minimum System Requirements
USB 2.0, Windows 10 64 bits build 1703 or higher, Mac OS Sierra
Cable connection
USB 2.0 (micro-USB)
BLE 4.0
1000 measurements or 3 months*
Reference Samples
180 measurements or 3 months*

* Please Refer to User Manual