NeOse Pro i The first portable and ­universal odor detection device

Product description

Aryballe Technologies provides and develops portable, connected and universal odor sensors that mimic the human olfactory sense. Based on a unique combination of technologies (optics, biochemistry, electronics, IT), our digital nose NeOseTM Pro detects and identifies odors through 67 biosensors inspired by human olfaction. Digitized odors are stored into a reference database, allowing subsequent matching of new odors. Handy and portable, our sensor brings significant value to the food, cosmetics, and automotive industries, giving them access for the first time to digital olfactive fingerprints of their products.
NeOseTM Pro is a universal olfactory sensor able to detect, record and recognize odors.


Replacement of the 4 reference samples provided upon purchase of NeOse TM Pro. To be used for validation of NeOse TM Pro performances.


Replacement of the NeOseTM Pro measurement module.


To adapt selected tubings to the tubing delivered with NeOse TM Pro .

  • PEEK Connector 1/16’’ and 1/8’’.
  • Luer Female Connector ¼’’ 28 UNF female
  • Luer Connector 1/8’’-1/4’’ 28 UNF.


To standardize measurement conditions, fits with PEEK tubes of diameter 1/16’’.
Also available as 6-way manual valve


Of various diameters, materials and lengths to adapt measurements to specific applications.
PTFE, Inner Diameter 1mm, Outer Diameter 1/8’’. Available lengths: 2 cm, 5 cm, 10 cm.
PEEK, Inner Diameter 1 mm, Outer Diameter 1/16’’.